Our Whiskey

Texas is a beautiful place; it is also a great place to make whiskey. Through the changing of the seasons, we experience a drastic range in temperatures. Those changes cause the wood in the whiskey barrels expand and contracts. During the blazing heat of summer, temperatures rise, pressure builds in the barrel. The alcohol forced into the crevasses of the wood. During the cooler months of fall and winter, pressure recedes and the whiskey is drawn back out, meanwhile taking on the characteristics of the charred staves. This intense process is why whiskey matures rapidly, yet remaining smooth to the last drop, in Texas compared to cooler locations. America made whiskey good. Texas made it great!

We believe we have arrived at the perfect whiskey with our TEXAS SILVER STAR WHISKEY®, the first of its kind to be commercially produced in North Texas. Our whiskey has a smoothness you will come to appreciate with each and every sip!

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